Boneshaker Magazine

Boneshaker Magazine

A sideways look at cycling

Many moons ago, I spent a fair chunk of my spare time with James Lucas, creating music, zines, etc… When the idea of starting a magazine came up after James had set up the Bristol Bike Project, we quickly scribbled our ideas together and realised we had enough content to create a publication…

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Pedalling our wares

We created our first issue on a tight budget (our own money), printing only 1,000 copies and with not much of a plan as to how we were going to sell the magazine. Luckily in Bristol, the Arnolfini and other bookshops were early adopters, so we had a good feeling about the magazine.

James and I spent the day cycling around London with 200 mags in tow and hoped we would sell a few. We sold 199 to various bike and book shops and we sold the last one on the train home. We felt like we were onto something…

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The story continues…

I founded the magazine with James and designed/art directed the first 12 issues of Boneshaker and then started to transition onto mainly client projects. Watch the video clip above to get a real sense of what the magazine is about- they say it much better than I can…

I still work with the guys on related projects (see Bicycle Stories below – photos by Owain Perry) and continue to spread the good word about the magazine.


A book celebrating of the ‘best bits’ from issues 1-10 of Boneshaker Magazine. Buy the book, magazine, prints and t-shirts here:

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