Cereal Magazine

Cereal Magazine

Travel and Style magazine

The magazine, published twice a year, is divided into city-specific chapters. Each chapter comprises stories on places, people and products, paired with striking photography. An interlude section, included in every volume, features a selection of style and culture.


Creative Consultant

Having met Rich and Rosa, founders of Cereal, through my creative direction and layout work on Boneshaker Magazine, I was asked to help them realise the very first issue of their publication.

They already had a clear idea and minimal aesthetic in mind, so I guided them through my experiences in publishing Boneshaker, advised on best practice for layout and achieving the look they were after.

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Watching them grow

It’s been a real joy to see how the team at Cereal have taken the magazine from strength to strength, publishing across so many countries (I spotted it everywhere on my trips to Hamburg), evolving into the stylish publication it is today.

I helped at a very early stage, but I still feel proud to see their ongoing achievement with the magazine.

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