Cyclocross 2014/15

Cyclocross 2014/2015

Photography Yearbook

Cyclephotos is the website of cycling photographer Balint Hamvas. It predominantly focuses on cyclocross, offering beautiful and different imagery from your normal news sources. Balint got in touch with us to create his yearbook that covers all of the main races, but also shares his experience  behind the scenes and mini-articles on key riders and characters from the sport.

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A look behind the scenes

I worked with Balint to create an updated version of his previous books, introducing a grid-based layout, including results charts and infographics to get across new content such as the ‘earnings gap’ between male and female riders and created article style sections for short essays on the culture and people involved in making the sport such a success.


Take a look at a section of the 2014/2015 book below:

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