Taxi Studio – B-sides

An invitation…

I was invited by Bristol’s Taxi Studio to create a ‘b-side’ for their event celebrating the Festival of Print. This came in the form of a poster invite (the ‘a-side’) with a blank ‘b-side’ to get creative and bring along to the show for display.

What followed was a good few evenings with my 7″ record collection, getting nostalgic and listening to a lot of tunes I hadn’t heard for a while…

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Desert Island Disc

After digging through my records, it was actually listening to desert island discs on Radio 4 that made me think of an idea for a print. I decided to create a ‘mono-print’ using stencils and worked with the record shape to create a goldfish bowl with something nasty lurking under the water.

All photos from the event are by Pennleigh for Taxi Studio. Thanks to Luke Francis for putting my name in the hat for an invite!

The B-Side Project

Taxi Studio have made this brilliant film about the event, check it out…:

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